Our Vision

Our aim is to bring companies, universities and academics together so that the transition from university and college to a company is a win-win situation for everyone.

The Working Group Science and Economy e.V. (AkWW) builds a bridge between science and business with its Coaching Academy for students, doctoral candidates and postdocs. This is because it is statistically proven that 80% of graduates on their academic path from BA and Master’s to doctoral studies move to the private sector (Bundesbericht Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs 2017, p. 188). We support students and doctoral candidates in this step into the business world, regardless of the academic degree they hold.

Students, doctoral candidates and postdocs exchange ideas in the Coaching Forum on a peer-to-peer basis. Further support is offered in workshops and the Career Day up to personal one-to-one coaching. Through these offers it is possible to make the step from the academic world into the business world in a relaxed and informed manner.

We support universities and colleges in promoting the careers of their students, doctoral candidates and postdocs.
We support students, doctoral candidates and postdocs on their career path into the economy.
We support companies in recruiting personnel from the academic sector.

Dr. Gitta Brüschke


Dr. Gitta Brüschke is a mechanical engineer at the TU Hannover. After her studies, she worked for Robert BOSCH GmbH in Stuttgart and then ran her own engineering office for many years. In 1994 she founded the Akademie Brüschke GmbH & Co. KG, an educational institute for new media. The focus is on company training in various software and further training for the employment agency. In 1996 she is the first in Germany to establish the children’s computer school ComputerKIDS. This school won the Innovation Prize of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia twice in a row.

After completing her doctorate in Women’s Studies (Sociology) at the University of York in England, Dr. Gitta Brüschke is appointed to the Goethe University in Frankfurt, where she heads a Hessen-wide mentoring programme for doctoral and post-doctoral students for five years. Here she is responsible for advising and coaching in career development in all departments of the five universities in Hessen.

Dr. Gitta Brüschke is an expert in the field of education and works as a coach and seminar leader.

dr.brueschke (at) akww.de

Dirk Bansch

Founding member

Dirk Bansch studied European Business (BWL) in Germany and England, worked in several countries after his studies and has been active in business and personal development for over 15 years.

Mr Bansch is an internationally experienced management trainer and coach. He holds seminars and speeches in Europe, the USA, Australia and the Middle East. He has also supported mentoring programmes at universities/colleges in Germany, Great Britain and France.

His seminars and coaching sessions are designed to give participants a higher degree of flexibility, personal responsibility and more self-confidence.

Certified NLP Trainer
Certified EQ-i 2.0 Emotionaler Intelligenz Coach and Trainer
Certified TMSDI Team Management Profile Coach

dirk.bansch (at) akww.de

Prof. Dr. Annette Kolb

Founding member

Prof. Dr. Annette Kolb has a doctorate in biology. After completing her doctorate at the University of Bielefeld, she spent a year at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, with her own DFG project. Upon her return at the end of 2002, she takes up a junior professorship in animal phylogeny and systematics at Goethe University Frankfurt.

In 2009, Prof. Kolb is appointed to a W2 professorship in the same subject area for 5 years.

In 2014 Prof. Kolb leaves the Goethe University and becomes self-employed in the field of science coaching. The focus of her work is on training in core competencies for an academic career as well as individual career counselling.

Prof. Kolb is a certified systemic coach and works throughout Germany.

Since October 2015, Kolb has also been working in the Science Coordination Unit of the Senckenberg Society for Natural Research, where she is mainly responsible for supporting the acquisition of external funding and career advice for young scientists.

info (at) coachademics.de

Dr. Birte Walbers

Founding member

Dr. Birte Walbers studied in Berlin, Manchester and York and completed a PhD in Medieval Studies and English Literature in York. After graduation she worked in the tourism sector and for a charitable foundation for the preservation of historic buildings in York.

Dr. Walbers supports the AkWW e.V. in the administrative area and in research, as well as in the supervision of the university network. 

She is also responsible for the smooth running of the career days at the AkWW e.V. 

birte.walbers (at) akww.de

Dr. Theresa Rühl

Founding member

Dr. Theresa Rühl studied environmental and resource management at JLU Giessen. As a young scientist with two children, she experienced first-hand the very special challenges that have to be mastered in a scientific career.

Both for a scientific career and for leaving science, a strong personality is required to be able to cope with these high demands. The importance of soft skills such as a healthy self-confidence, clarity about one’s own goals and a confident way of dealing with other people is often underestimated.

Since 2015, Dr. Theresa Rühl has been working at exactly this point to help professionally competent people achieve clarity and success in life as a certified personal image coach and vocation coach.


theresa.ruehl (at) akww.de