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Workshops and Presentations

The workshops offered by the Arbeitskreis Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft e.V. cover a wide range of further education measures necessary in modern companies and universities. The international experience of our trainers in various industrial sectors ensures that the workshops are at the cutting edge of research and lead to lasting positive results. The workshops cover topics ranging from team building to management training, emotional intelligence and personal development and can be held in German or English.

The requirements for the continuing education of young researchers at universities are covered by a wide range of courses on publication strategies, acquisition of third-party funding, project management and personality development.

International references can be provided upon request.

Business Etiquette

Modern manners as the key to success

Do you know what is expected of you when you are invited to a business dinner, a conference or an opening event?

Is modern business etiquette, … more

Find the job, that fulfils YOU

Find the job that fulfils YOU

After the seminar the participants know their individual strengths and abilities and are aware of their personal needs and motives. This enables them to make clear decisions for their career path … more

Dealing with Conflict – Successfully

Whether we like it or not, conflict is a part of life.

We can either play everybody else’s game and get into fights, getting bullied or giving up or we can learn how to deal with conflict more successfully … more

Time- and Self-Management

I need more time – but where to get it and not steal it?

The bad news is that we cannot create more time, but what we have control over is our focus, priority setting and ability to … more

Effective employee appraisals

Communication as a leadership tool 

Are you putting off important staff meetings? Are you uncomfortable looking for the “critical” conversations? Do you put those talks on the “If we find time for it” list? … more

Figuring Out People

Why are other people so difficult to understand?

While we don’t like to admit it, our actions and reactions are often quite predictable.

Fortunately, the same holds true for most people out there. In this thought-provoking seminar, … more

Money rules the world – strategic third-party funding acquisition

Strategic third-party funding acquisition 

Would you like to sharpen and strengthen your academic profile in order to best position yourself for an academic career at a university or non-university research institute? … more

In cooperation lies the power

Effective design and strategic use of research consortia

Designing scientific collaborations is challenging, especially in interdisciplinary research networks that combine several individual projects. …more

Those who can write have a clear advantage

Publication strategies in the natural and life sciences

Publish or perish“ – this guiding principle is more valid in science today than ever before. The motivations for publishing are very diverse among scientists and researchers, and the … more

Planning is half the battle

Project management in the sciences

You are at the beginning of your scientific career and should be planning a research project independently for the first time? Maybe questions like these come to your mind:. … more

The way leads to the goal

Strategic career planning in science

An academic career today is characterised by increasing complexity, rapid change and intense competition. … more

Tailor-made workshops and presentations

Your wishes – professionally implemented!

Whether you are looking for a workshop on stress management, a lecture on gender-sensitive language or a coaching session on personal appearance abroad … more

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„After the coaching, I successfully and above all consciously entered the post-doc phase and am currently working on my habilitation. I am sure that I want to be active in teaching in the future.“


“Thanks a lot for your very engaging confidence workshop. I think it makes a huge difference how much of
themselves someone puts into a task/situation and cares about doing a good job, i.e. in this case actually helping the
participants. Thank you also for attending to unrelated questions like mine in the breaks and after the workshop!
Thank you very much!!”

Dr. Juliane W


„The workshop “The first impression counts” was very informative, each participant was treated as an individual and the trainer is great and likeable!“