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Coach Yourself To Confidence

21. September 2019

What would it be like if you were more confident?

Do you feel that you need to be more confident ? Whether at university, in a job or in our private lives, confidence has a major impact on how successful we will be. The good news is that confidence can be learned and in this workshop you will learn many different techniques from different fields that will allow you to feel and act in a more confident manner. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to change our mindset to a more confident one?

Aims: This hands-on, interactive seminar which includes many immediately applicable techniques, inspiring ideas and fun exercises will
allow you to strengthen your confidence, expand your comfort zone and create new positive habits.
It is well established that most people’s self-esteem and self confidence nosedives during their school years.

We will be exploring the impact of emotions on our confidence levels and how take more control of them by becoming more emotionally

Content: We will be exploring how and why we sometimes feel less confident than we would like to, and we will discover ways to have
more control over our feelings and reactions. The confidence triad of emotions, self-talk, and posture will be covered, and we will also
learn about our self-image, our limiting beliefs and the skill of learned optimism. We are not born with a lack of confidence, we learn it
through our experiences. In this seminar, we will coach ourselves how to take back control.

Target group: Students, employees, general public
Duration: 2 day event
Language: English or German

Trainer: Dirk Bansch


21. September 2019


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