Dress Code Job Interview

An interview with Imagecoach Dr. Theresa Rühl by Nicole Beste-Fopma.


Online Job Interview

The successful author Nicole Beste-Fopma describes here how to successfully conduct a job interview online.


To Find Your Dream Job, First Find Yourself!

Dr Theresa Rühl writes about the value of inner clarity when it comes to finding our dream job.



How Do I Find The Right Employer After University??

Is there the “right” employer and if so, how do I find one? In this article, Dr. Theresa Rühl gives very helpful and useful tips to find the “right” employer for us.



Salary Negotiations Interview

The successful author Nicole Beste-Fopma interviews 3 salary negotiation experts



The Right Attitude For Your Job Interview

An article by Management Trainer Dirk Bansch about what a difference the right attitude makes to a job interview and how we can create it within ourselves.



Job Application Tips

These are the slides from the seminar on application tips from the Construction Industry Career Day on 5 June 2019 in Wuppertal.



Emotional Intelligence as your competitive advantage

These are the slides from Dirk’s talk at Catalyst Top Talent Romania conference on 23rd November 2018. 



Salary Negotiation

Dirk Bansch shares some slides from an event on salary negotiation held at several German and English Universities.



Further News

Living Concrete

Scientist at the University of Colorado Boulder have developed “living concrete”, a new building substance made of bacteria that can potentially repair itself.

The Self-Constructing House

This video from CBS shows how modern prefabricated houses from Ten Fold Engineering unpack and assemble themselves. Time: a few minutes!

Wordsearch Puzzle Civil Engineering

In this wordsearch puzzle several words from the construction industry are hidden. Click on the first and last letter of a solution word to mark it.

[game-wordsearch id=”46789″ ]