Coaching Academy for career paths from science to business

Our aim is to bring companies, universities and academics together so that the transition from university and college to a company is a win-win situation for everyone.

The Working Group Science and Economy e.V. (AkWW) builds a bridge between science and business with its Coaching Academy for students, doctoral candidates and postdocs. This is because it is statistically proven that 80% of graduates on the academic path from BA and Master’s to doctoral studies move to the private sector (Bundesbericht Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs 2017, p. 188).

We support students and doctoral candidates in this step into the business world, regardless of the academic degree they hold. Students, doctoral candidates and postdocs exchange ideas in the Coaching Forum on a peer-to-peer basis. Further support is offered in workshops and the Career Day up to personal one-to-one coaching.

Through these offers it is possible to make the step from the academic world into the business world in a relaxed and informed manner.

We support universities and colleges in promoting the careers of their students and doctoral candidates. We support students, doctoral candidates and postdocs on their career path into the business world. We support companies in recruiting staff from the academic sector.

The industry-specific career day is created in close cooperation with companies and universities.
We invite up to 400 students (third semester to PostDoc) from particularly relevant faculties, … more

The industry-specific career day is created in close cooperation with companies and universities.
We invite up to 400 students (third semester to PostDoc) from particularly relevant faculties, … more

The Career Days

The Arbeitskreis Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft e.V. organises industry-specific career days and builds bridges between companies, universities, students, doctoral students and postdocs.

Benefits of the Career Days for:

The Arbeitskreis Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft e.V. works closely with colleges and universities and organises industry-specific career days. For this purpose, we invite up to 400 students (3rd semester to final semester) from the faculties that are particularly relevant to you, who will be driven directly to the career day by coaches from all important colleges and universities in your region. We make sure that different specialisations and Master’s programmes are represented. Thanks to our excellent connections to colleges and universities, professors also come to the Career Day to establish and maintain contacts with companies. Since students register for our unique career day, we have the opportunity to provide them with important information about your company in advance. In this way, the students prepare for the meeting with you and bring along concrete questions. As a result, the discussions between students and companies on the Career Day are conducted at a high level and often develop into an interview. At our Career Day you can present your company in three ways: with a stand so that you can get to know the students personally, with a 15-minute presentation in a separate seminar room or during our discussion group at the beginning of the Career Day, where you present the entry and development opportunities in your company to the interested hundreds of students. Each and every student and exhibitor will receive an event brochure with the details of all exhibiting companies. All students and exhibitors will receive a free lunch. Students are advised to bring application folders with them. This makes the Career Day a success for companies and students, as students can apply for internships, working student jobs, student research projects or job applications directly at your company. Build up connections to your future valuable employees. We maintain contact with colleges and universities and their professors for you. You will cultivate a lasting image with your target group, as we will label the invitations to the Career Day with the logos of all participating companies and distribute them directly to the students in the lectures in consultation with the professors.

The Arbeitskreis Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft e.V. puts you in contact with the companies relevant to you, which not only offer their students a good start to their careers through jobs, but also internships, e.g. for the practical semester (BPS), as well as working student activities and student research projects in practice. In addition, many companies are also interested in long-term cooperation with you as a university and the respective departments and are interested in joint projects. Advisory round tables with representatives of colleges and universities are desired by companies as well as by the respective associations. We also support your internship officers, who can easily establish new contacts with companies during the career days.

At the Career Days of the Arbeitskreis Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft e.V. you will get to know employees of important international companies in your sector, who on the Career Day provide direct information about job opportunities and often even decide on hiring. As experience shows that large companies rarely publish the data of their staff, contacts you make here on site are of particular importance and can be valuable for you later on. At the Career Day you will receive a brochure with all the important company data, including job vacancies for specialists. This will allow you to prepare for the interviews with the companies and to hand over tailor-made application documents on site. On the Career Day you will also have the opportunity to take part in a free seminar on application strategies and receive tips for the job interview. During the panel discussion with the company representatives, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about fields of activity or starting salaries. You can also get a picture of the companies during their short presentations or at their stands. As a special service, we will organise your comfortable arrival and departure from your university to the venue in coaches and invite you to lunch on Career Day.


„[…]I am pleased to confirm that this industry-specific career fair […] was very beneficial for our students. Many of our students visited this fair to get in touch with companies and received internships for the Practical Semester (BPS). We would like to continue working with you in the future. Many thanks for your commitment.“

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

“We were very satisfied with the organisation and implementation of the “Forum BAU 2017″ in Frankfurt and are happy to recommend you.”

Zechbau GmbH, Frankfurt office

„Thanks to the excellent organisation and planning by Ms Brüschke, a smooth running of the event […] in Frankfurt 2017 could be guaranteed. The cooperation and support was to our complete satisfaction, which is why we would like to thank her for a successful event.“

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG

The following companies took part at the Career Day Civil Engineering on 14. June 2018: