Career Day Life Sciences Hessen / Rheinland-Pfalz 2021

Career Day Life Sciences Hessen / Rheinland-Pfalz on 18th November 2021 in Langen

Find Your Dream Job

Come to the career day and
talk to important companies in the Life Sciences sector.
Tips for a successful career day
What type of companies are exhibiting and which kinds of questions could you ask?
How can you prepare and which areas pique your interest?
Meet employees from the companies and ask them how it is to work there.
Find out what the company specialises in and in which areas they are involved.
Tell the company which field of study really fascinates you and in which area you would like to work in future.
What are your goals and your passions?
Find out how large the company is and how many employees it has.
Where are they based? Do they have any subsidiaries in other countries?
Then you might get the chance to work on sites and projects internationally. 
Is it a Government or Local/Regional Authority and therefore civil service? Then you might have a chacne for part-time work or possibly a career as a civil servant.
You would be able to stay in one location and only have to take short trips.
Is it a small company? With few employees?
Then the chance to be involved in important projects right from the start is much higher.
Could be a great chance.
Do they offer a trainee programme? 
This gives you the opportunity to work in different department and decide afterwards which you like best and where you would prefer to work in future.
Note down the names of the people you talk to.
This can be very useful, even later in your career.
Return home with bundles of new and useufl contacts and interesting insights about which areas you would like to work when starting your career.
And maybe you have already found an internship or received a student placement or a job offer.


We wish you a successful career day!


This is to be taken into accout regarding COVID-19 measures:
  • 3G: Visitors need to adhere to the German 3G rules (vaccinated, recovered, tested).
  • Masks: You need to wear a mask while in the Stadthalle.
  • Freedom of movement: Within the Stadthalle there are no limitations on movement (no one-way areas, etc.).
  • Lunch: All visitors will receive a lunch pack (sandwich, water, chocolate bar or similar).
  • Rucksack: All participants will recieve a free rucksack filled with information about the event/the companies, as well as the lunch pack. (Please choose a colour when registering).
  • Travel expenses: All visitors will receive 5€ for their travel expenses. If you come by car and bring along other students, you will receive 10€. Should you arrive by Flixbus, we will refund the price of your ticket.

These companies are waiting to meet you:

Agenda of the career day Life Sciences

10:00 : Address by Ursula Kirchner, syndicus solicitor in the association of the chemical industry in Hessen and responsible for the project “Initiative Health industy Hessen”

10.15 : Welcome

10:30 :  Panel discussion with the companies

11:00 –  Meetings between students and companies
15.00 :

11:30 –  Company presentations in the Großer Saal
14.30 :

12.30 –  Workshop “Emotional Intelligence in Business”
13.00 :

14.15 –  Workshop “Business Knigge”
14.45 :

15:00 : Finish

Venue: Neue Stadthalle Langen near Frankfurt

The career day Life Sciences Hessen/Rheinland-Pfalz will take place in the Neue Stadthalle Langen near Frankfurt.

The Stadthalle is situated in close vicinity to Darmstadt and Frankfurt and offers a perfect environment for the meetings between young academics and companies active in the Life Sciences sector.

Advantages for students

• Travel expenses • Rucksack with lunch pack • Free entry 

During the career day organised by Arbeitskreis Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft e.V.
you will meet employees of important international companies in your sector who will inform you about job offers, placement opportunities and general facts about working in that area.

Since large companies rarely publish details about their staff, the contacts you can guild here can be of great importance, even later in your career.


We cooperate with these universities


“Mir hat am Meisten der Kontakt mit den verschieden Firmenarbeitern gefallen. Außerdem dass viele Firmen anwesend waren mit verschiedenen Schwerpunkten, wie z.B.: Hochbau , Tiefbau , etc. Somit konnte man einen Einblick in alle Arbeitsbereiche haben. Prima Erfahrung!”

“Ich fand’s prima, weil man in Kontakt mit den verschiedensten Firmen aus der Baupraxis treten konnte und diese sehr hilfsbereit und kontaktfreudig waren. Man konnte in persönlichen Gesprächen viele Fragen bezüglich des Berufseinstiegs, Praktika, Werkstudententätigkeiten und zum Unternehmen klären.”

„Hat mich motiviert, am Ball zu bleiben. Man konnte viele neue Kontakte knüpfen und es es ist eine gute Möglichkeit mehr über seinen zukünftigen Beruf zu erfahren.“