„Ich empfehle den Workshop gerne weiter, weil er optimal zur Vorbereitung eines guten Auftritts im Bewerbungsgespräch ist.“

„Ich empfehle den Workshop, weil ich dort eine Menge über das Auftreten und die Außenwirkung gelernt habe. Der erste Eindruck muss sitzen!“

„Der Workshop „Der 1. Eindruck zählt“ war sehr informativ, es wurde individuell auf jede Teilnehmerin eingegangen und die Trainerin ist klasse und sympathisch!“

„Ich würde den Workshop anderen Studierenden empfehlen, weil er Spaß macht und man dort Sachen lernt, die man an der Uni nicht lernt!

”Thank you once again for a great workshop. It really helped to clear things in my mind and led me to some important
realisations. And of course I now have the tools to develop even more confidence!”
(Dr. Anna A, Biochemist)

”Thank you very much for the great course last week. I really enjoyed it a lot. At a time of job-seeking it is hard to keep
always a positive attitude but this course really inspired me regarding my future plans.”
(Dr. Thuva T, Pharmacist)

“Thanks again for the inspiring workshop. “Coach yourself toconfidence” came at a personally difficult time and gave me
the courage to focus more on my needs and my goals.”
(Dr. Malda D, Philosopher)

„Thanks a lot for your very engaging confidence workshop. I think it makes a huge difference how much of
themselves someone puts into a task/situation and cares about doing a good job, i.e. in this case actually helping the
participants. Thank you also for attending to unrelated questions like mine in the breaks and after the workshop!
Thank you very much!! “
(Dr. Juliane W, Psychologist)

„Thanks you very much for your e-mail and for the supporting material you sent, it is really useful. I enjoyed the workshop
very much, actually I am already applying some of the tips I learned there! =)
Thanks a lot for your support, “
(Julieta P, PhD student, Chemistry)

„I just wanted to say thank you again for these two (1.5 for me) days in Frankfurt on your conflict management seminar.
You are indeed engaged far beyond what may be expected from such a training. Insights are coming like in a bunch of
flowers and the range of applicability is stretching far beyond the immediate seminar topic. After some thinking, from the
many valuable insights this (quite unexpected one) is likely to have the broadest effect on me: ‚It’s your responsibility to
make sure you walk into the office happy and come out of it
Will certainly recommend your seminars and wish you a happy weekend.“
(Erika K, Research Fellow, Physics)

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